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The company Area Verde was founded in 1982 in Pachino, not far from Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. The characteristics that, now as then, have always inspired the mission are punctuality, professionalism, reliability, simplicity, long-service life and flexibility.

Area Verde history is made of genius and resourcefulness in order to solve problems, customise systems based on requests, of nonstop investments in technological research, development of innovative solutions in order to improve the functional groups of our plants.

The two founding partners, Angelo Borgh and Corrado Dipietro, have contributed with their passion and expertise to making this dream come true as a modern and dynamic company, able to compete on the international markets against the leaders in this sector.

The Area Verde group is made up of the three sister companies Area Verde, Casa Verde and Vivi Mediterraneo, together forming an annual turnover of 20 million euros. The group specializes in the supply of agricultural products, such as plants, fertilizers, plant protection products and technical assistance for the farmer. The main objective is to create a supply chain that accompanies the customer from transplant to harvest, guaranteeing the highest quality services, in accordance with the group’s corporate policy. With its ten hectares of newly conceived greenhouse systems, thanks to favorable soil and climatic conditions, with great passion and with over 30 years of experience in the cultivation of vegetable plants in greenhouses, tunnels, open fields and organic. Using the know-how gained in the production of garden plants in nurseries and in assisting the cultivation of farms at European level. Area Verde group has also started the production of greenhouse vegetables under the Vivi Mediterraneo brand, obtaining excellent first fruits with a high  production yield. The Casa Verde team is supported by three agronomists who offer advice in the field to the customer accompanying him until the harvest, each technician is specialized in a particular sector of the horticultural sector including soilless cultivation, organic and in the production of particular types of tomato that are the famous production of the Sicilian South East region. The research and development activity conducted within the companies groups and also in collaboration with the University of Catania, allows a constant updating of production techniques, orienting greenhouse productions towards productions that ensure food safety for the final consumer.

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