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#Produrreinformati with Area Verde Vivai

More flavor and less production costs with the new tomato, courgette and watermelon varieties.

Shorten the distance between nursery and customer, but above all allow the producer to have all possible information on the seeds to be planted, for conscious and innovative agriculture. This is the mission of Area Verde Vivai, which on June 19 kicked off the #PRODURREINFORMATI project, organizing a series of meetings in the open space of the Cozzo Grillo district, dedicated not only to customers but to all the protagonists of the agricultural sector. For 25 years one of the most important nursery centers in Italy and famous for its “original grafts”, Area Verde Vivai has once again wanted to establish itself in the way of horticulture, strengthening the relationship of trust with the farmer, not only with quality products but offering the producer the opportunity to get in direct contact with those who are the “creators” of the seeds for the new season.

At the first appointment in which the largest farms in south-eastern Sicily took part, the producers were able to meet with Syngenta Italia, one of the suppliers of Area Verde Vivai, which presented its new varieties of tomatoes (cherry, mini -plum and ox heart), zucchini and watermelons. The new variety range according to Syngenta is capable of allowing the farmer to meet market demands and meet the needs of the final consumer with tastier products. “New genetic resistance and enhancement of the flavor component – declared Vincenzo Zangari, Sales Representative of Syngenta Italia – these are the strengths of our new varieties. The goal is to allow the farmer to lower production costs, thanks to the lower number of treatments on the plant and therefore greater attention to the environment. In addition to being able to satisfy the demands of the final consumer, who is increasingly attentive to the taste and genuineness of the raw material. The partnership with Area Verde Vivai is to the full advantage of the farmer, who can draw the best information and the best innovations from this project “.


Below are the other dates of #PRODURREINFORMATI

  • 27 June – 06.00 p.m. – C.da Cozzo Grillo (Spiazzale Area Verde Vivai)
  • 4 July – 05.30 p.m. – C.da Cozzo Grillo (Spiazzale Area Verde Vivai)


#Produrreinformati with Area Verde Vivai
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